Welcome to the exciting world of energy

This website supports National Grid's Energy Education Centre.

It is designed to help teachers educate their classes about energy before and after visits to the Centre and to enable pupils to explore the subject at school or at home.

About the Energy Education Centre

National Grid created the Energy Education Centre, in the Willesden Junction area of north-west London, as a free facility to help young people understand energy and to strengthen their interest in science.

Visiting groups will learn more about the vital role of energy in our lives, how it's made and delivered, the problems with fossil fuels and the importance of renewable energy.

The subject is explored through information displays, interactive screens and educational computer games, with National Grid experts on hand to explain the subject and answer questions.

The Energy Education Centre has been created as part of National Grid's London Power Tunnels Project. This is a seven-year programme to install high voltage electricity cables in deep underground tunnels which span the Capital. This major project is essential to meet future electricity demand.

The project is managed from the site of the Energy Education Centre and visiting groups will be able to look into opening of the first of these huge tunnels where it heads underground.

In the meantime, we hope you find our educational materials interesting.